Coumarin and Saponins and Phenolic Compounds for Cellulite

Tea cuffed – Efficacy of its cuff provides the following components: flavonoids and organic acids capable of accelerating blood flow and vascular permeability increase slightly. As a consequence, even in those areas where, due to proliferation of adipocytes, we have a violation and slowing the movement of fluids, the situation is getting better;

Coumarin and saponins and phenolic compounds can accelerate the intracellular metabolism, as well as locally to increase tissue temperature. Consequence is the splitting of adipocytes (fat cells), and accelerated in comparison with the usual, delayed gynoid lipodystrophy, the process of withdrawal of the decay products. Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite 4

Many herbal cuff plain has an antioxidant effect, able to slightly increase the natural resistance of the body, as well as have a positive impact on bacterial intestinal environment.

How to use? Itself is not to plan for instant results and do teas and extracts from the cuff only existing means. Our regular readers now rubbed baldness eaten by the phrase “systems approach” – please forgive and advise newcomers or after the material available to the theme and implement broths and wrap the cuff in anti-cellulite program. Brew cuff is no more difficult than chamomile or mint. Take it recommend several times a day, before meals, with a volume of 50 ml. For daily servings brew a tablespoon of dried herbs, bay its two hundred milliliters of boiling water.